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A Professional, Trusted, and Solution Driven Partner

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  • At Global Edge, we take pride in being a leading force among audit firms in Qatar and an esteemed auditing firm dedicated to delivering unparalleled services. With a commitment to excellence, our team of expert auditors in Qatar is here to cater to all your auditing and accounting needs.

  • Global Edge stands out as a trusted team of auditors in Qatar. With a profound understanding of the local business landscape, we offer comprehensive auditing services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the region. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our auditors are dedicated to providing insightful and precise financial assessments.

Our Expertise: Elevating Standards in Auditing and Accounting

As one of the foremost auditing companies in Qatar, Global Edge sets the benchmark for transparency and accuracy in financial reporting. Our experienced auditors conduct meticulous audits, identifying potential risks, assessing internal controls, and providing valuable recommendations for improvement. Trust us to instill confidence in your financial statements while ensuring compliance with both local regulations and international accounting standards.

Comprehensive Accounting Solutions

  • As a premier accounting firm in Qatar, Global Edge is your reliable partner for comprehensive accounting solutions. Our highly skilled accountants ensure accurate financial records are maintained, providing valuable insights into the financial health of your business. From managing accounts to preparing financial statements, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of accounting.

  • Understanding that every business is unique, our accounting company offers tailored services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you require assistance in compliance with accounting standards and regulations or need strategic financial advice, Global Edge is here to support your financial endeavors.

  • Our specialist advisory services will help you unlock your financial potential in Qatar. Our experienced financial management consultants in Qatar provide tailored solutions to your business needs.

Our Team

Our Team - the pillars of our strength that assist us in delivering exceptional service that we always take pride in. They are members of globally recognized professional bodies such as CIMA (UK), CA, CPA, ACCA, and FIPFM (UK). Furthermore, they have acquired additional qualifications of Masters of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from international universities. Our Team is equipped with professional expertise engulfed in 15 - 25 years of experience in industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Education, Retail and wholesale, Hospitality, Wellness, Logistics, Consultancy, and Telecommunication. 

Our Team is geared with diverse specialties to cater to the various demands of our clients at any given time. They also possess the core competencies in a wide spectrum of areas such as, Finance & Accounting, Internal and External Auditing, Budget Formulation, Tax Compliance and Computation, Strategic Planning, Standard Operating Procedures, Costing & Pricing, Accounts Finalization, Internal Control, Budgeting & Forecasting, Finance Modeling , Development & Implementation of ERPs, Management Analysis, Project Management, Accounting & Reconciliation, Regulatory Compliance, Sales Tax Management, and Liaison & Coordination.

Experience excellence in financial management with accounting companies in qatar. Our recognized auditing firm in Qatar provides complete and accurate financial monitoring.

Meet Our Lead Team


Dishani Gunasekera


Founder & CEO

Chulan Lasantha


B.Sc. Business Administration (Special)

Lead Consultant

Ranil De Alwis Samarawickrama

B.Sc. Accounting (Special), CA, CIMA (UK) Finalist, MAAT, FIPFM (UK)

Senior Advisor
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